The oldest Aluminium boating brand dates right back to 1898. In this day and age there is no point trying to sacrifice quality or cut corners, this is why Savage make sure there boats are hand made, to ensure the quality and guarantee they will be built to last. 5 Islands have been with Savage ever since our move up the road around June 2010. In this time Savage continually proves to be a driving force in Aluminium boats today, giving the staff here at 5 Islands Marine 110% of confidence in selling there product, why? Because we know it works.

Savage Boats have been proudly made in Australia for over 100 years. The entire Savage range has been completely revised and includes some great looking boats, packed with unique features and unmatched build quality. Walk through bows and smooth riding ‘Maximum Ride’ hulls make these boats the best in class. Savage Fibreglass Boats Savage is introducing a range of competitive fiberglass boats designed for Australian conditions. The first model released is the stunning 195 Bowrider. With a 21 degrees deadrise hull, this 6.0m bowrider offers great handling and unbeatable value.

Boating Safety

A boat licence is required to operate a powerboat vessel and an appropriate licence endorsement is required to operate a personal water craft, such as jetski. Operators 12-16 years of age can apply for a restricted licence, which allows them to operate boats under certain conditions. By the did you look for life insurance quote before getting license for boat. Boat licences can be obtained by: Completing a recreational power boat operator licence test with VicRoads. Completing an approved training course from an approved registered training organisation.