Top Boating Brand is back on the water

Australia’s oldest aluminium boat brand Savage is back and better than ever. Savage, which built its first boat in 1898, now boasts a range of 22 models from dinghies to cabin boats, to their newest venture, the Savage fibreglass bowrider.

Savage is the only Australian brand to incorporate moulded fibreglass tops with their aluminium boats for a stylish shape design. Included on most models is Savage’s new Maximum Ride Hull which provides a smooth ride on the plane, efficient ‘hole shot’ performance and improved stability when at rest.

National Account Manager Cameron Wood says the future of Savage is looking very bright. “The Savage brand, like our customers, is a unique segment in the aluminium boat market and we intend to foster this brand’s own identity, now and in the future,” he said.

“Savage boats are increasing the variety in the marketplace and with boating enthusiasts looking for ‘one of a kind’ models, the future of Savage is powering ahead.